Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AVAST 4.8 pro..100% working

Name: www.serials.ws 
Serial: D370CC3008B2DE4727B-EA3A-A553-6BA4-15E3

Kaspersky 2010

Name: any Serial: 1337-ViRiLiTY

Friday, October 9, 2009

Power DVD 9 serial key...

  • Power DVD Delux Edition
  • Advanced Audio Pack
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Nero 8 Ultra Edition serial key....

  • 1K22-OO2G-11OS-E9GS-SOSA-G7S1-O11E
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Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition serial key...

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Cool edit pro 2.0 serial key...

  • Name:    Peter Quistgard
    Serial#: 200-00-37YQOQ7L          
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Tune up 2009..serial ...

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Eset-Nod32 Key Valid 2.5.2010

  • In place of user name EAV-19524552 and the password will be avtfvrkj4x later after i will give you other used id and password...
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Auto play Mafia Wars in facebook....

  • First down load mozilla firefox and install it.
  • Then download a add on named "Greasemonkey".
  • Then fetch ascript through a link.http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/43573.user.js .
  • Now every thing is set just log in to your account and enjoy.
  • You can also change the settings .
  • The following things can be found 
  1. auto refresh page with random time
  2. auto mission mastery + (will get required loot/inventory)
  3. auto fight / Rob
  4. auto stats
  5. auto health replenish
  6. auto banking feature
  7. job energy returns calculated
  8. auto energy-pack usage
  9. auto property purchase
  10. auto property protect
  11. auto property heal
  12. superior log info collection
  13. statistic collection
  14. ride hitlist feature
  15. auto lotto

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eset-Nod32 Key Valid 1.1.2010

  • In place of user name EAV-01577258 and the password will be ad763f56cs later after i will give you other used id and password...
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